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November 14, 2017

These days, LASIK eye surgery is a fairly common procedure. Millions of people in Chicago and across the world have undergone LASIK without experiencing any meaningful complications or long-term side effects.

This is undeniably a great development, as it has brought improved vision to people who would otherwise have to spend the rest of their lives wearing glasses or even just “dealing with” their vision problems.

However, the popularity of LASIK eye surgery occasionally obscures the fact that your choice of LASIK eye surgeon matters a great deal. There are significant differences...

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November 13, 2017

Most men and women have everyday habits that impact their health. There are several parts of your daily routine which could harm your eyes, which is why regular eye exams are important to maintain healthy vision and catch eye diseases early. Learn more in the SlideShare below.

Schedule your eye exam at Foulkes...

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November 07, 2017

Dry eyes can complicate laser vision correction procedures. Our laser vision correction clinic has processes in place to ensure your eyes are healthy before and after your LASIK eye surgery. It’s typical for LASIK patient to experience dry eyes for up to six months following their laser vision correction, which is why our eye surgeon believes it’s essential to improve dry eye syndrome prior to your procedure. Learn more from Dr. Foulkes in the video below.


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October 24, 2017

Many adults with astigmatism don’t think they qualify for LASIK eye surgery. The FDA-approved excimer lasers our eye surgeon in Chicago uses can correct the curvature of your cornea down to .25 microns. Vision correction procedures such as LASIK and PRK can fix nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Our LASIK patient who had astigmatism are often amazed at how well they can see following their procedure because their brain had to compensate due to the irregularly shaped cornea up until their vision correction. Learn more from Dr. Foulkes in the...

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October 24, 2017

Save Your Vision & Stay Away from These Halloween CostumesEvery year men, women, and children try to find the best Halloween costume—be it scary, funny, or timely. Whether you’re hoping to scare people with an “It” costume or dressing as a White Walker from Game of Thrones, it’s essential to choose colored contacts, face paint, and weapon accessories that aren’t going to cause vision damage to you or...

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October 20, 2017

Why Millions Around the World are Going Blind | Lombard, ILYou depend on your eyesight to read, drive and accomplish nearly any task. It’s natural to lose your near vision as you get older, but when your perception becomes cloudy or severely blurry, it could be a sign of a degenerative eye disease. October is Blindness Awareness Month, and our eye surgeon in Chicago wants you to know how important regular eye exams are to catch vision loss early and...

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September 29, 2017

Answers to 4 of the Most Popular LASIK Questions | ChicagoLASIK is a state-of-the-art procedure that offers perfect vision, but many men and women still shy away from having laser eye surgery. There are quite a few myths surrounding LASIK, such as going blind—you will not go blind from LASIK. While it can happen in rare circumstances, our eye surgeon has performed tens of thousands of LASIK surgeries with little to no complications, and there have certainly...

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September 26, 2017

Many everyday activities that you might not think twice about could be contributing to deteriorating vision and poor eye health. Things like looking at your phone or computer in the dark and even eating an unhealthy diet can all spell bad news for your eyes. In addition, you should visit an eye doctor at least once a year for an eye checkup in order to keep tabs on your eye health.

Here at Foulkes Vision, we can recognize early signs of eye disease, and we also offer a variety of treatment options to help restore vision and health. Among these are LASIK, cataract surgery, lens implants,...

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September 13, 2017

How Healthy Aging Habits Prevent Vision Loss | Chicago, IL September is Healthy Aging® Month—A time for celebrating getting older and identifying ways you can live a healthier lifestyle if you’re 45 or older. A balanced lifestyle can do more than maintain your overall well-being and increase the longevity of your life. It can significantly decrease your risk of vision loss or blindness from age-related eye diseases such as ...

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August 31, 2017

Are You Taking Care of Your Contact Lenses the Right Way?You’ve undoubtedly heard the horror stories surrounding poor contact lens care. The most recent of which is a 67-year-old woman who went in for cataract surgery and the eye doctors found 27 pairs of contact lenses in her eyes, which shocked both the patient and the physicians. There are several other stories about eye...

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