Advantages of Blade-Free LASIK

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Downers Grove blade-free LASIKLASIK eye surgery can help restore your vision. Around 96 percent of patients achieve their desired vision after getting LASIK, and an enhancement procedure can further increase this number. However, it's important to know that there are different techniques in which LASIK eye surgery is performed, including blade-free LASIK. But what, exactly, is blade-free LASIK and what are the advantages of this procedure?

In LASIK eye surgery, numbing eye drops are administered before the procedure begins. A blade is used to make a precise incision on the surface of your eye to access the cornea for laser treatment and reshaping. However, in blade-free LASIK, advanced technology allows a laser to be utilized in place of a blade to make the flap to access the cornea.

There are several advantages to this technique, including:

  • Precision: Blade-free LASIK uses lasers to create the flap on the surface of your eye, making it very precise.
  • Patient comfort: This procedure utilizes advanced technology that allows the patient to remain in one location and position throughout the entire eye surgery. Ultimately, this increases both patient and physician comfort during the procedure.
  • Eye safety: Because blade-free LASIK does not use a blade to create the flap, this procedure can be considered safer for your overall vision and can reduce risks associated with other vision correction procedures and techniques.
  • Customized treatment: With newly improved methods for blade-free LASIK procedures, three-dimensional corneal corrections are highly customizable and can provide your doctor with the power to accommodate your unique visual needs.

Generally, anyone who qualifies for LASIK is a good candidate for bladeless LASIK. This procedure is especially beneficial for patients who want to correct their vision, but are fearful of the surgical equipment being near their eyes. However, both LASIK and blade-free LASIK are safe and effective options when considering vision restoration procedures.

Dr. Foulkes and our experienced team will meet with you in person to determine which procedure will be best for you and your sight. Together, we will discuss your eye care goals and needs to construct your personalized treatment plan.

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