Four Reasons Why So Many People Need a Good Ophthalmologist

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Chicago ophthalmologyAs we age, our body changes, including our eyes. Many people develop cataracts and need cataract surgery to repair and restore their vision. Cataracts occur when the cornea of your eye becomes opaque due to changes in the lens fibers, brought on by changing metabolic activity. As your cornea becomes less transparent, your vision becomes worse. If the time comes when you develop a cataract, it will be beneficial for you to have an ophthalmologist you trust to take care of your eyes. Keep in mind the following reasons to have a good eye doctor as you consider your choices:

  • One in three senior citizens has some form of eye disease
  • The risk of significant eye problems for those over the age of 60 increases with age
  • The population of the United States is estimated to grow by 50 million by 2030, adding 4 million people with dry eye symptoms.
  • Women live longer than men, increasing the chances of eye disease.

Having a good ophthalmologist who is familiar with your eyes and your vision history will make it easier and more efficient to have problems taken care of before they become larger issues. The eye surgeons at Foulkes Vision have the experience to help you through any problems that may arise as your eyes age.

To schedule your consultation with one of the Chicago-area cataract or LASIK eye surgeons at Foulkes Vision, please contact our practice directly online through this website or by calling (877) EYES-2CU.