The More You Know, the Less "Scary" LASIK Becomes

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The more you know, the less "scary" LASIK or any other eye surgery becomes, especially when you have a skilled Chicago eye surgeon.You may not have noticed, but our Foulkes Vision website recently underwent an upgrade with the goal of making information about LASIK, cataract surgery, and our other eye care procedures more accessible for our Chicago-area patients.

Our eye doctor realizes that the web is the first place that most people in Chicago turn these days when they have questions about any aspect of their healthcare, including how to correct their vision. That's why our new website is more responsive than its predecessor, packed with useful articles about LASIK and cataract surgery, and designed to make your communications with Foulkes Vision as simple as possible.

What's more, our eye care staff will continue to strive to provide patients with thorough information about any procedure you may be considering, because we understand that it can be scary to undergo eye surgery.

The more you know, however, the less scary LASIK or any other eye surgery becomes, especially when your treatment is handled by a Chicago eye surgeon with the wealth of experience and skill of Dr. Richard Foulkes.

When you need a LASIK or cataract surgeon in the Chicago area, please contact Foulkes Vision in Lombard, Illinois online or by telephone to schedule your free consultation: 630-724-1400