Why You Need to Get Your Eyes Examined

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Why You Should Get Your Eyes Examined ASAP | LombardWhen was the last time you visited the eye doctor? At our Lombard offices, we frequently see patients who need immediate help with some ophthalmological issue, or who have decided to undergo a corrective vision procedure. However, many patients fail to come until they need help with a major issue, unaware that they could have fixed it earlier if they made a habit of getting regular eye exams.

Eye exams are important because they:

  • Give your eye doctor a chance to look for ocular diseases
  • Allow you to adjust your prescription before it becomes a major issue
  • Help your eye doctor locate the signs of cataracts or other conditions in their early stages
  • Ensure you are not having an issue with your contacts

The American Optometric Association says that children should undergo eye exams at six months, three years, and every other year once they start school. Adults aged 18-60 should get a comprehensive eye exam every two years. Adults 60 and older should get an eye exam every year.

However, most people do not follow these guidelines. The Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) found that 40% of Americans skipped getting an eye exam in the last year when they were due for one. Reasons ranged from not having insurance to not having the time to not thinking there was anything wrong with their eyes.

 Eye examinations are the cornerstone of good vision and ocular health, and at Foulkes Vision, we do everything we can to make them as affordable as possible. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Richard Foulkes today, call 630-724-1400. Dr. Foulkes serves patients in Lombard, Chicago, and the surrounding areas.