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Refractive Eye Surgery Options and Other Options | ChicagoIf live in the Chicago area, you are lucky to have plenty of options when looking for a surgeon to perform refractive surgery on your eyes. This gives you the chance to compare the qualifications of different ophthalmologists and take a look at the results they achieve.

It also gives you the chance to compare the services that each eye doctor in the Chicago area offers to patients like you. Plenty of doctors offer standard refractive surgical options like LASIK, but a variety of options can help ensure that you receive the best possible procedure for correcting your eye issues. At Foulkes Vision, we offer a variety of eye surgeries, both refractive and otherwise.

Corrective vision procedures offered by Dr. Foulkes include:

While most of these procedures have similar approaches to correcting your vision, the one that is best for you can depend on several different factors, including the extent of your vision loss, the thickness of your corneas, whether or not you have astigmatism, and how long of a recovery period you would prefer.

As a professional eye surgeon who has studied LASIK since its introduction in the mid-1990s and performed nearly 50,000 LASIK procedures, Dr. Richard Foulkes has spent more collective time performing refractive surgery than many of his fellow eye surgeons have spent studying it. He has the knowledge to help you decide which type of refractive surgery is best for you, and he has the skill and experience to be the one you trust with your procedure once you have decided.

To request an appointment with Dr. Foulkes, you can fill out the form to the right of this post, or schedule by phone at 630-724-1400. Foulkes Vision has locations in Chicago and Lombard, and admits patients from all over Illinois.