How long does the procedure take?

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You will be in the office for approximately two hours. First, you will submit your signed consent or read and sign the consent form if you have not done so already. At this time, any additional questions or concerns should be expressed. Next, we will repeat any testing, including a prescription check and go over post operative instructions. Then you will be prepped for surgery. We will give you a Valium to help you relax and a series of drops similar to the ones you'll use after surgery. The actual laser time is only a few seconds, but varies by patient. You will be in the laser suite for about 20 minutes. When finished, we would like you to go home immediately and sleep for 3-4 hours. This ensures the flap is sealed down and most discomfort and irritation has subsided. You should be able to see when you sit up from surgery, but it will be cloudy. Most of this haze will be gone after your nap, but can take a few days to weeks to completely clear.