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KAMRA Inlay - Chicago Presbyopia TreatmentPresbyopia, or the subtle loss of your near vision over time, affects most everyone beginning at about age 40 – Presbyopia Treatment

At Foulkes Vision, our Chicago eye surgeons can reverse this condition, restore your vision, and reduce your dependence on glasses, with the KAMRA™ Inlay. This presbyopia solution is an outpatient procedure in your doctor’s office that generally lasts less than 15 minutes and heals quickly.

When you’re ready to explore the possibility of life without reading classes, please contact our eye surgeons at Foulkes Vision in Lombard at 630-724-1400 for a free KAMRA™ Inlay consultation. We serve patients in Lombard, Chicago, Downers Grove and surrounding areas of Illinois.

Understanding Presbyopia

As you age, your eyes’ natural lens becomes less flexible. This diminishes your ability to focus on near distances, and is known as presbyopia, which is pronounced prez-bee-‘O-pee-uh.

We understand that it may be difficult to come to terms with your slow loss of vision, but know that presbyopia is extremely prevalent and treatable. Consider that:

  • Roughly 1 billion people worldwide were diagnosed with presbyopia in 2005.
  • By 2050, that number is expected to double.
  • It’s estimated that 122 million Americans experienced this condition in 2010.

Most people experience the onset of presbyopia in their 40s.

At Foulkes Vision, we are proud to provide a solution to this common vision problem through the KAMRA™ Inlay.

More about KAMRA™ Inlays

At Foulkes Vision, our Chicago eye surgeons will complete a complete eye exam and talk with you about all of your presbyopia treatment options including the KAMRA™ Inlay. This consultation enables the doctor to consider such extenuating circumstances as changes in your vision prescription or the development of cataracts.

Before KAMRA InlayAfter KAMRA Inlay

The actual inlay is a thin, tiny, film-like ring that’s positioned over the cornea. The device allows light to move directly from the front of the eye to the back of the eye, and in this way produces crisper near vision.

Our eye surgeons use laser technology to gently place the KAMRA inlay beneath the surface of a single, non-dominant eye. By only involving one eye in this procedure, your distance vision enabled by the patient's dominant eye remains unaffected.

If you're interested in KAMRA™ Inlays, please contact Foulkes Vision in Lombard today at 630-724-1400 to discuss your vision correction options. Our eye surgeons serve clients througout Northern Illinois including Chicago, Lombard and Downers Grove. 

Patient Testimonial:

"My name is David Ledesma and I have to say that Dr. Foulkes and his staff are awesome. I recently had surgery on 11/19/15 where I had a Kamra lens implanted in my left eye. It's a new implant that recently approved by the FDA and the results are amazing! With Dr Foulkes experience and expertise my vision is great! The implant is for people who are presbyopic and works along the same principle as camera aperture. My one day follow up , vision was 20/10 both eyes together and 20/20 in the operated eye at distance and 20/25 for reading. Amazing results! My vision is improving even more each day. I no longer need my progressive glasses to read! I highly recommend Dr Foulkes and his excellent staff if you're considering any type of refractive surgery! Thank you Dr Foulkes and your awesome staff!!!"