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FREE Webinar on the KAMRA Inlay Procedure | Dr. FoulkesDid you move your chair back from your desk to read this page? As you age, it becomes harder for your eyes to focus on nearby objects. This process, known as presbyopia, starts to become noticeable around age 40.

One of the best ways to treat presbyopia is the KAMRA Inlay, an innovative surgical process that can reduce the need for reading glasses or contacts.

If you would like to learn more, Dr. Richard Foulkes is offering a FREE webinar on the KAMRA Inlay procedure, and anyone who joins will receive $500 off the original surgical fee of your procedure. As one of the only ophthalmologists in Chicago licensed to perform the KAMRA Inlay procedure, Dr. Foulkes is an excellent source of information on KAMRA Inlay and what it can do for you.



Dr. Foulkes has been performing eye surgery for over 20 years. He has worked on LASIK procedures since 1997, 2 years after the procedure was approved for use, and he continues to study new and innovative ways to correct vision through surgery. By attending his webinar, you are gaining access to decades’ worth of knowledge on ophthalmology, and getting a great deal on a procedure that can greatly improve your quality of life.

To take advantage of a $500 savings on your KAMRA Inlay procedure, and learn what it can do for you, follow the above link and register for Dr. Foulkes’s webinar. You will need to provide your name and e-mail address.