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Laser Cataract Surgery with CATALYS - Chicago ILChicago cataract surgery and LASIK expert Dr. Richard Foulkes has expanded his technological base to bring a new level of safety and precision to his patients. Being one of the first Chicago eye surgeons to perform laser refractive cataract surgery, he is well suited to provide excellent results due to his background with LASIK and refractive surgery. Patients now expect a new level of visual freedom. Through advancements in laser cataract surgery technology and the advanced technology lens implants, patients are now seeing glasses free after years of eyeglasses hassles.

Laser surgery offers the patient a greater level of precision and a greater level of customization. Patients can benefit from an innovative solution that allows for customization in cataract surgery that was never attainable before. When you choose to have your surgery performed with the CATALYS®, Abbott Medical Optics laser, you’ll enjoy a truly innovative solution that allows for customization in cataract surgery.


A bladeless, computer-controlled laser allows Dr. Richard Foulkes to plan and perform surgery to exact individualized specifications, not attainable with past cataract surgery methods. Although Dr Foulkes is highly skilled at traditional phacoemulsification cataract surgery, the new CATALYS® femtosecond laser brings a more precise approach.

Femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery offers a reproducible, noninvasive technique to replace the least predictable and most technically demanding steps of conventional cataract procedures.

During both traditional cataract surgery and laser cataract surgery, the cataract is removed and a new lens is put in the eye. Dr. Foulkes and his staff will help you choose your lens options. Based on a thorough eye examination, we will make an appropriate advanced technology lens implant suggestion. With the CATALYS®, Abbott Medical Optics laser, you can move forward with confidence knowing that you’ve chosen the most advanced technology available for this life-changing procedure, one that enables a customized cataract surgery experience. In combination with a good premium lens implant, you should achieve excellent vision after cataract surgery,

Determining Your Advanced Technology Lens Implant

Once you have made the decision to undergo cataract surgery with your eye doctor you will have a series of decisions to make related to the type of artificial lens implant you will have. Up until recently everyone who had cataract surgery received a monofocal lens implant. This lens enabled for vision of one distance, typically distances far away. With new innovations a better lens is now available. These lenses are referred to as premium lenses (advanced technology lenses) and come in various formats or types

What Happens During Laser Cataract Surgery?

The first step involves the CATALYS® advanced 3D imaging technology. The system builds a 3D map of each eye and tailors the treatment plan to that map. This enables Dr. Foulkes to create a customized treatment plan that matches the uniqueness of each eye.

Next, Dr Foulkes uses the CATALYS® to create a circular opening for accessing and removing the cataract. Clinical studies have shown that this opening is approximately 10 times more accurate when performed with CATALYS® than what is achievable by hand.

CATALYS® then softens and breaks up the hard cataract into tiny pieces, allowing for gentler, easier cataract removal. These steps set the stage for positioning of the replacement lens.

Catalys Laser Cataract Surgery - Foulkes Vision

After Cataract Surgery

After CATALYS®  Laser system cataract surgery, no sutures are needed to close the incisions, which are extremely small. Dr. Foulkes will prescribe eye drops to keep the eyes hydrated and clean while incisions heal. Patients may experience a mild irritation or light sensitivity for a few days. In most treatments, patients experience little to no pain and do not require pain medication. A follow-up consultation ensures that the cornea is healing properly, and that the patient is experiencing the full benefits of the procedure.

Selecting CATALYS by Dr Foulkes

CATALYS® precision laser cataract surgery allows the our Chicago cataract surgeons to increase the accuracy, and precision of custom cataract surgery and refractive lens exchange by utilizing a computer-guided laser to perform the initial steps of the procedure rather than manual techniques with blades. Dr. Foulkes has carefully followed the development of femtosecond laser systems for cataract surgery over the last few years, and identified the Abbott Medical Optics CATALYS® system as the one with the best technology.

Many of the other laser cataract system are developed off the LASIK technology while Abbott Medical Optics CATALYS® system is uniquely created specifically for cataract surgery. This laser in particular has some impressive features and is guided by advanced 3D Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging, sophisticated software controls, and a unique Liquid Optics interface that delivers a level of precision and control that has been unimaginable until now. The end result is that Dr. Foulkes cab remove the opacified cataract lens with better accuracy.

CATALYS® System Benefits

  • A highly customized procedure using advanced 3D imaging
  • A treatment with little or no discomfort
  • A more precise treatment
  • A gentler and easier cataract removal
  • Generally, a more rapid visual recovery due to reduced inflammation
  • The opportunity to receive tailored treatment with advanced technology multi-focal lenses.

For more information about laser cataract surgery in the Greater Chicago area and Lombard, Illinois, please call 630-724-1400 or contact Foulkes Vision online for a free consultation.