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Premimum Lens OptionsFoulkes Vision is pleased to offer the people of the greater Chicago region premium lens options including the Tecnis and Toric IOLs (intraocular lenses). These can restore clear vision for reading, computer and distance without the need for glasses!

Premium lenses are surgically implanted to permanently replace the old, opaque natural lens of the eye. These FDA approved vision correction implants give baby boomers and seniors the opportunity to experience natural seamless distance, intermediate and near vision. These advanced technology implants have the same safety as the decades old traditional lens implants but can provide many of our patients greater freedom from glasses, not just distance glasses but readers too!

Only our experienced eye surgeon, Dr. Richard Foulkes can determine if you are a good candidate for the premium lens technology. The best candidates are those with cataracts that have otherwise healthy eyes. These lenses can correct most degrees of nearsightedness and farsightedness. If astigmatism is present it can be corrected with the Toric premium lens to achieve independence from glasses at distance.

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Premium Lens Cost

Premium lenses are considered a not medically necessary procedure which is not covered by insurance. However, insurance will generally cover the cataract part of the procedure as well as the surgical facility and the anesthesiology fee. Any upgrade to premium lens technology or advanced laser cataract technology is the patient's responsibility. The staff at Foulkes Vision will review all billing information with you prior to your procedure.

For more information about the premium lenses available at Foulkes Vision, please call 630-724-1400 or complete the form on this page to arrange your initial consultation with Dr. Foulkes. We serve patients in Lombard and Chicago, Illinois.