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Visian ICL - Chicago and Lombard, IllinoisIntraocular Contact Lenses are an excellent vision correction option for people who may not be ideal candidates for traditional LASIK because of the particularities of their sight or because they have notably thin corneas.

Intraocular lenses (IOL) implants also may be an option for people in and around Chicago who suffer from cataracts.

Visian ICL implantation diagram - Foulkes Vision

If you need a skilled Chicago-area eye surgeon to complete Visian™ ICL surgery or you're looking for a second opinion on intraocular implants, please contact Foulkes Vision in Lombard at (888) 207-1404 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Richard Foulkes. Our experienced Visian™ ICL surgeon serves patients throughout Northern Illinois including Lombard, Chicago and Oak Brook.

The Many Advantages of Visian™ ICLs

Invisible Lens - Visian ICLThe Visian™ ICL is placed behind the iris in the eye's posterior chamber. Once implanted, the lens is virtually undetectable.

Here are five more reasons that you may want to visit with Dr. Foulkes about IOL implants.

  • Wow! That was fast. After this 15-minute outpatient procedure, many Visian™ ICL patients experience dramatically enhanced vision quality immediately after receiving their intraocular implant. Many eye doctors believe that this treatment is superior to corneal refractive surgery because it most often achieves superior results as evidenced by fewer higher-order aberrations.
  • Breakthrough treatment option. A wide variety of vision problems can be corrected using the Visian™ ICL, with results that are stable and predictable. It is go-to option for patients who suffer from an array of refractive errors including various degrees of myopia, both with or without astigmatism. Prior to having the availability of this technology, surgical eye correction failed to treat many of these people.
  • High definition Visian™. IOL implants provide acute vision correction with results that are crisp, sharp and more vivid. Patients also can anticipate the ability to capture more complex images; their sight with have greater depth and dimension.
  • Advanced technology. Manufactured from extremely durable biomimetic materials, the Visian™ ICL is safe and effective. The procedure also boasts a 99 percent success rate.
  • Flexible financing. We never collect a surgical fee at Foulkes Vision until the date of your treatment. At that time, you can settle your bill with Visa, MasterCard, a bank check or cash. We also offer interest free payment plans through CareCredit®.

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You have many eye doctors and surgeons to choose from in Chicago, but not all of them are certified to perform Visian™ ICL intraocular lens implant surgery like Dr. Foulkes, who is one of the area's top ophthalmologists.

If you're interested in Visian™ ICL, please contact Foulkes Vision in Lombard online or by telephone to schedule your consultation with Dr. Foulkes: (888) 207-1404. Our eye surgeon serves patients in Lombard, Chicago and Oak Brook, Illinois.