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How Soon After LASIK can I Swim?

July 29, 2019
Woman swimming after LASIKIn the mid-summer Chicago heat, fewer things are more refreshing than a dip in your local pool or into the waves of Lake Michigan. If you wear glasses or contacts, however, you may feel like you're making a frustrating compromise: you either fumble without glasses, risk losing a contact lens in the water, or shell out money for prescription swim goggles. LASIK surgery can alleviate that issue. After your procedure,… Read Full Post
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Am I a Candidate for Visian ICL?

July 01, 2019
Eyes after Visian ICLIf you're tired of wearing glasses or contacts constantly, you're not alone. Millions of people have sought the freedom that comes with being able to see clearly from the moment they wake up. For decades, people turned to LASIK when they wanted that liberation, but not everyone is a candidate for laser eye surgery. Until September 2018, those people were out of luck. Then the FDA approved Visian ICL, the… Read Full Post

Debunking LASIK Myths

May 30, 2019
The LASIK procedure for correcting vision has been around for decades. Despite years of documented successes of LASIK treatment, many myths persist. These myths may mislead potential candidates into avoiding the procedure, having unrealistic expectations, or seeking treatment from an unqualified or uncaring surgeon. Accurate information is a patient’s best friend when looking into any treatment or surgery. Understanding the truth about LASIK will help you decide if you’re ready to lose your dependence on glasses and contacts. Dr. Richard Foulkes understands that patients will have questions and concerns, so we offer patients a free LASIK… Read Full Post
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What is Corneal Cross-Linking and How Does it Help Eye Disease?

May 29, 2019
What is Corneal Cross-Linking and How Does it Help Eye Disease? Keratoconus is an eye disease that causes the circular nerve connected to your corneas to deteriorate. It is a degenerative disease, so it is important to treat it as soon as possible before it seriously harms your vision. The traditional treatment for keratoconus involves corneal implants, but Dr. Richard Foulkes… Read Full Post

How Much Does LASIK Cost?

March 27, 2019
Closeup of eyesLASIK is a wonderful procedure that millions of Americans have benefitted from. If you deal with the daily inconveniences of glasses and contacts, you've probably considered LASIK at some point. It could be life-changing. At Foulkes Vision, some of the most common questions we hear about LASIK have to do with cost. Unfortunately, insurance will not usually cover LASIK, but we believe everyone should have… Read Full Post

Causes of Cataracts

March 04, 2019
Age is the main cause of cataracts, but a number of other factors can lead to a protein buildup in the lenses of your eyes. It’s important to find out what’s causing your cataracts so you can seek appropriate treatment, which may include cataract surgery. Call 630-724-1400 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Foulkes. He will exam your eyes and determine the root of your vision problems. Foulkes Vision serves patients in Chicago, Lombard and surrounding areas of Illinois.
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How Will PRK Surgery Work to Correct My Vision?

February 27, 2019
PRK, or photorefractive keratectomy, is a type of vision correction surgery designed to treat refractive vision errors. PRK is a great option for patients who are not eligible for LASIK, and it can protect the future health of your cornea. Learn more about PRK surgery and how it can improve your vision. PRK Surgery for Refractive Vision Errors PRK surgery can reduce or eliminate your need for glasses and contacts by correcting the following refractive vision errors:… Read Full Post

Will I Need Glasses after Cataract Surgery?

January 29, 2019
Cataracts are one of the most common age-related vision conditions impacting Americans today. Currently, there are over 40 million people over the age of 40 with this condition, and roughly half of the population over the age of 75 has developed cataracts. This number is expected to rise significantly over the next 25 years. When cataracts form, your eye’s lens becomes clouded. This causes light to scatter instead of focusing properly on your retina, resulting in gradual vision loss. While untreated cataracts can eventually lead to blindness, this rarely happens. Cataract surgery is a safe and effective way to restore clear vision. When you undergo cataract… Read Full Post
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What to Expect after LASIK

December 04, 2018
LASIK surgery has an extremely high success rate, and the procedure can help you eliminate the need for glasses and contacts once and for all. Before deciding to move forward with LASIK, it's important to understand what you should expect in the days and weeks following surgery as your eyes heal and your vision stabilizes. We've created the following slideshare presentation to provide an overview of what you should expect after LASIK. If you'd like to find out whether LASIK is right for you, please contact Foulkes Vision using the form on this page or call 630-724-1400 today to schedule a free consultation. We… Read Full Post
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Is There a Right Time to Get LASIK?

October 30, 2018
If you wear glasses or contacts, you know that they can be a hassle. The thought of getting LASIK probably crosses your mind frequently, like when you forget to pack contact lens solution on a trip or you misplace your frames. Woman scheduling her LASIK procedure at Foulkes VisionLASIK can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, and millions of people have received the procedure worldwide. If you’re ready to say… Read Full Post