7 Reasons to Take The Plunge if You Are Considering LASIK

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Posted: April 26, 2017

LASIK vision correction in Chicago ILInterested in LASIK but hesitant to take the next step? Consider these 7 reasons to opt for the vision-improving procedure:

1. Never fuss with contact lenses again. Depending on how long you've used contact lenses, you've probably performed the ritual of placing and removing them by hand tens of thousands of times. LASIK provides freedom from this chore.

2. Wake up and see clearly, immediately. See clearly as soon as you open your eyes.

3. It has a long-standing safety and effectiveness record. Many people are concerned about risks and complications. It is absolutely important to know and understand all of the risks possible with LASIK, which we will fully describe to you during your consultation. But it's also helpful to know that LASIK has a very high success rate and a low complication rate. The rate of serious complications is less than 1 percent typically, and more common side effects can be treated.

4. The procedure itself is painless. Some people report that having their eyelids gently held open during the procedure feels strange or odd since it's not normal, but the LASIK surgery is not painful.

5. Enjoy optimal vision. 20/20 vision results are typical, although individual results may vary. Most people will eventually need eyeglasses some of the time to improve vision affected by presbyopia, a loss of near vision that occurs in middle age.

6. Millions of people have undergone LASIK. And millions more continue to do so.

7. Enjoy vacations and traveling. Enjoy swimming at the beach, traveling away from home and having fun without having to worry about losing your glasses or wearing contact lenses.

Of course LASIK isn't right for everyone. At Foulkes Vision, we want you to feel fully confident about your vision correction decisions. We will determine your candidacy for LASIK and other procedures, and help you decide what's right for you.

If you live in Chicago, Lombard or the surrounding areas and would like to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced eye doctors, please call our helpful staff at 630-724-1400.

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