Why the LASIK Eye Surgeon You Choose Matters

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Posted: November 14, 2017

These days, LASIK eye surgery is a fairly common procedure. Millions of people in Chicago and across the world have undergone LASIK without experiencing any meaningful complications or long-term side effects.

This is undeniably a great development, as it has brought improved vision to people who would otherwise have to spend the rest of their lives wearing glasses or even just “dealing with” their vision problems.

However, the popularity of LASIK eye surgery occasionally obscures the fact that your choice of LASIK eye surgeon matters a great deal. There are significant differences in quality between the surgeons available to you. And even though it seems like LASIK is a simple procedure, the fact remains that you should choose on quality, not on price.

Experience in a LASIK Eye Surgeon Is Important

Chicago LASIK eye surgeryWhen choosing your LASIK surgeon, keep this one key fact in mind: you are trusting your eyes to this person. That's easy to forget when you're talking about a procedure as commonly performed as LASIK, but it's true: the surgeon you choose has your vision in his hands.

And when you consider that, isn't the importance of experience fairly obvious? If you're going to trust your vision to a medical professional, you want to do as much as you can to ensure your trust is well-placed. And the best way to do that is to carefully review your LASIK eye surgeon's experience.

There's really no substitute for experience in LASIK eye surgery. With experience comes wisdom, a comprehensive understanding of the structure of the eye, and mastery of the fine details of a LASIK procedure. Even the best schools can't prepare a doctor in the same way that hands-on experience will.

And be sure to find a LASIK eye surgeon with relevant experience. It's not enough to just be an eye surgeon or even a LASIK surgeon – make sure you determine that the doctor has significant experience with the specific procedures that are relevant to you. If you need Custom LASIK or the latest in bladeless LASIK, for example, you'll want to ask your surgeon about his experience with those procedures.

Some Surgeons Are More Qualified Than Others

At Foulkes Vision, our eye doctors possess decades of experience in the field. In fact, Dr. Foulkes is one of the pioneers in the field of LASIK eye surgery – he has performed more than 48,000 procedures.

And that matters. Yes, the safety statistics for LASIK are exceptional, but it's important to remember that those statistics were put together by experienced, properly credentialed surgeons performing the procedure in the right environments.

Put another way, LASIK eye surgery is only as safe as the surgeon performing it is competent. If performed by someone without the necessary training and experience, LASIK can pose a threat to your vision.

That's why it's important to thoroughly scrutinize your prospective eye surgeon's resume. Ask a lot of questions about his experience, especially as it relates to your specific needs. And make sure you choose a LASIK eye surgeon who really possesses a comprehensive understanding of the procedure. Never compromise on these factors.

We're confident that a full consideration of the relevant factors will lead you to Foulkes Vision. And we are happy to answer any questions you might have about our office, our eye doctors or our procedures.

If you need an experienced LASIK eye surgery provider in or around Chicago, IL, please call Foulkes Vision today at 630-724-1400 for a consultation.