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The Benefits of Custom LASIK Surgery

May 25, 2016
In any trade, from carpentry to laser vision correction surgery, your results will improve based on how accurate your measurements are. The technology that we use to create glasses and contact prescriptions is good enough to help people see clearly, but it doesn’t mean that two people with the same prescription will see everything the same. You want a more accurate solution before getting your vision… Read Full Post

VIDEO: Is Cataract Surgery Performed on Both Eyes At Once?

April 13, 2016
Cataract surgery can restore vision by removing a cataract from one of your eyes, or from both of your eyes if need be. Please watch the video below to learn more: To learn more about cataract surgery and to find out if you are a good candidate in the Chicago area, please call Foulkes Vision at (877) EYES-2CU.

Should I Use My Spring Break for LASIK?

March 18, 2016
The speed in which most people in Chicago recover from LASIK makes spring break a great time for laser vision correction.Students and facility in Chicago and nationwide look forward to spring break each year. While many flock to trendy resort destinations, others use the opportunity to catch up on rest. Either way, spring break is a great time to take care of what you've been neglecting during the school year ─ yourself. If you have been putting off giving yourself the benefits… Read Full Post

What is a Pterygium? And What are my Treatment Options?

October 26, 2015
People generally describe a pterygium as a “whitish-yellowish, wing-shaped growth” that grows over a part of your cornea, but what is it exactly? Medically speaking, a pterygium is an overgrowth of fibrovascular tissue and conjunctiva on the surface of the cornea. In most cases, a pterygium begins as a pingueculae (try saying that ten times fast)—An elevated “whitish-yellowish growth” on the white of the eye. Pingueculae are most commonly located nasally, or temporally, on the interpalbebral fissure—located in the area between your upper and lower eyelid. A pingueculae becomes known as a pterygium when it starts to grow in… Read Full Post
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The 5 Primary Types of Eye Allergies

October 15, 2015
When your body's immune system becomes sensitive and overreacts to something you begin to develop allergies. Allergic reactions can occur when the allergen comes in contact with antibodies in the mast cells of your eyes. At the point of contact, your cells release histamine, other substances and chemicals that cause tiny blood vessels to leak, when this happens your eyes become itchy, red, and watery. There are 5 primary types of eye allergies:… Read Full Post
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Tired of Wearing Reading Glasses? KAMRA Inlay Might be The Right Choice For You

August 18, 2015
Are reading glasses not working for you anymore? If you are over the age of 40, you may have already noticed that as you get older, it becomes harder and harder to see things clearly up close. You may need to squint and distance yourself from your phone trying to read your text messages. You may not be able to see the words on the newspaper as well as you used to. This condition can be very frustrating, and is actually extremely common. Almost everyone in this age bracket will begin to experience this condition, called presbyopia. Even those who have had LASIK surgery in the past will experience this decline in near vision. The reason for this is that the lens inside of the eye ages and… Read Full Post
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7 Different Foods That Are Good For Your Eyes

June 24, 2015
Carrots are generally toted as the go-to vegetable for the eyes, but did you know that there are quite a few different foods out there that are said to promote good eye health? In this article we talk about some of these foods and how they can be beneficial to your daily diet. Orange Vegetables I’m sure you remember at least one person telling you when you were a child that “you need to eat your carrots because it’s good for your eyes!” The reason we were all told this… Read Full Post
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