Are You a Candidate for the KAMRA Inlay™?

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KAMRA™ Inlays and Your Age-Related Vision Loss

As the years advance along with your age, you become much more likely to struggle with the age-related vision loss associated with presbyopia. The good news is, at Foulkes Vision in Chicago and Lombard, Illinois, our accomplished eye doctor can correct presbyopia with the KAMRA™ Inlay.

Exactly who struggles with presbyopia, which is the gradual, age-related loss of your ability to read small type and focus on nearby objects? There are more than 140 million Americans age 40 and up who struggle with presbyopia, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The likelihood that you will experience some degree of presbyopia rises as you age.

But there's a solution for presbyopia other than the use of reading glasses. That solution is the KAMRA Inlay.

If you suffer from presbyopia and feel ready to explore the possibility of life without reading classes, please contact the Chicago-area eye surgeons at Foulkes Vision for your KAMRA™ Inlay consultation: 630-724-1400.