Would You Like to Be Glasses Free?

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Exchange Your Reading Glasses for the KAMRA™ Inlay

At Foulkes Vision, our ophthalmologist and eye surgeons often turn to the KAMRA™ Inlay when patients want relief from presbyopia, or the slow vision loss over time that generally impacts mature adults. The condition is caused by the loss of lens elasticity as we age, and can be corrected with reading glasses.

Some of the common presbyopia symptoms include:

  • Difficulty deciphering small print
  • Reading headaches and eye fatigue
  • Inability to read in dim light
  • The need to hold small print closer to your eyes
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Frequent squinting

Our presbyopia patients at Foulkes Vision who want to live glasses-free often find that KAMRA™ Inlays are an ideal solution. When you’re ready to explore the possibility of life without reading classes, please contact Foulkes Vision in Lombard or Chicago for your consultation: 630-724-1400.